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The charme of a small town in the provincial capital

The lake-monster Storsjöodjuret
Pedestrian area in Östersund
Unique steamboat Thomée
Guest harbour with boardwalk
The university town, which is beautifully located at the Storsjön lake, connects tradition and modern age and offers comfortable bars and restaurants, a small, but busy shopping street as well as much nature. The ways in and around Östersund and on Fröson are perfect for long walks or bicycle tours. And who knows, maybe you will see the Storsjö-monster during a promenade by the lake? You have the best chances at one of the lookout points which are located on different spots around the lake. These rest areas offer a nice view and the possibility to have a picnic and relax.

Recommandable is also a trip on the steamboat Thomée. It originates from the year of 1875 and begins its travels in the harbour of Östersund.

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