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Hoverbergs Cave
The biggest clift cave of Sweden

Entrance to Hoverbergs Cave
Forecourt in the cave
At the southern shore of lake Storsjön is situated pictorially the Hoverberg peninsula. Here it was discovered the Hoverberg cave in 1897. It reaches up to 170 meters depth and at certain areas up to 25 meters height. Since its discovery the cave has been further explored and opened for visitors.
Trail to the cave
Staircases will lead you down inside the cave. First you will pass a kind of forecourt which continues along a wider and more even corridor. It ends in rather big extension with an enormous arch at the height of 25 - 30 meters.

During spring time the cave can not be entered due to ice inside. This will not melt down before July. The formation of the cave is not really known but most people believe that shifting or settlements of the mountain are the reason behind.

Corridor inside the Hoverbergs Cave
Lights in different colours in the cave
According to a legend, once there was living the Hoverberg giant in the cave but when humans began to enter the cave, he moved to another unknown place.

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