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The beauty and power of nature

Many small and large cascades can be found round the Galå Fjällgård. For example the Åsanforsen in Åsarna. This waterfall impresses by its stair-like form. The stone bridge of 1852, under which the waterfall rushes along, is just as remarkable. In the summertime, the waterfall Fettjeåfallet in Klövsjö with 60 m height of fall offers an imposing sight. In the wintertime, it is very suitable for ice climbing both for experienced people and for beginners.

Trångforsen near Åsarna
A breath of Grand Canyon - the Trångforsen. This waterfall is located between Åsarna and Skålan. Here you can enjoy the view and the nature while you are making a break and have a picnic. After a short walk, you come to a suspension bridge which leads over the canyon and the rapids of the Ljungan. One says, only the most courageous ones dare to walk over this bridge...
The powerful Tännforsen
The Tännforsen is the biggest waterfall in Sweden. Up to 715 m³ water per second thunder into the depth. Next to these water masses one feels small and notes the power of nature. During the winter, nature becomes an artist and forms bizarre ice formations which are illuminated in the evening hours and set the frozen water into a beautiful light.
On the way to the Tännforsen you pass the Ristafallet. A good opportunity to have a break and listen to the falling water.

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