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Local history

In Hovermo, a memorial stone of Georg Adlersparres reminds of the democratisation of Sweden in which he was involved at the beginning of the 19th century. Another man also put his ideas into action – Johannes Andersson. He built a mill, a power station, sawmill, joinery and a smithy which are still in good condition and can be visited in the Gårdsmuseum. The Swedish industry monument was awarded to this museum in 2001.

At the foot of the Hoverberg you can visit the oldest smithy of Sweden in the museum of local history and culture of Berg, the Bingstasmedjan.

Härjedalens Fjällmuseum in Funäsdalen was as the only Swedish museum honoured with the "The European museum of The Year Award" and offers year-round interesting stories for young and old.

Furthermore, the little museum of local history and culture Tomtan in Klövsjö from the 18th century invites to a visit in the summertime.

In the museum of local history and culture in Vemdalen, you are taken on a journey into the past and learn how life has been in this area in earlier times. Moreover, in the summer months, they are still working and living like during former times in this museum.

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