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Mountain Pasture Hikes

Hiking map - an overview
Selected hikes
As a foretaste of your eventful stay in Jämtland, we suggest you a selection of hikes to the mountain pastures in the surrounding areas of the Galå Fjällgård. Detailed directions for the trips are available in an extensive briefing brochure in your accomodation.

Fäbodvägen - Anjebodarna
Jämt-Norgevägen to Arån
Untreated path to the river Arån
Långbodarna - towards the fjäll and Björnsbodarna
Different routes to Björnsbodarna
Fittjebodarna - Hällbergsbodarna
Fäbodvägen - Landsombodarna
Galåbodarna - Nybodarna
Galåbodarna - Oviks-Svedjebodarna
Easy forestwalk
Östra Arådalen
Prästbodarna - Stuguberget - Östra Arådalen

Coffee break in Långbodarna
Mountain pastures in the Oviksfjäll
You can enjoy Jämtland's and Sweden's nature on many more hiking trips in the surroundings. Along the 40 km long Fäbodvägen, where also the Galå Fjällgård is situated, you will find approximately 30 mountain pastures which reflect the history of the region. You can visit an exhibition on the topic "Life on a Swedish mountain pasture" at Leif Wikner arts and crafts in Persåsen.

Family holiday on the mountain pasture
Farmed mountain pasture in Sweden
Midsummer in Jämtland and Sweden

Hiking in swedish forests
Mountain pasture in summertime in Sweden
Fäbodvägen - Mountain pasture way
The mountain pastures round the Galå Fjällgård are connected through paths and trails. Close to your vacation resort, you will find hiking trails of each degree of difficulty along forestal paths, through virgin primeval forests and highmoors.
One of the most beautiful mountain pastures, Långbodarna, is farmed from June until August. Here you can indulge yourself with exquisite coffee and Swedish waffles which are freshly baked in the wood-stove.

Alp cabin in Östra Arådalen
Glenvägen - The way to Glen
On either side of the 16 km long road between Galåbodarna and Arådalen and Glen, you have the possibility of walking or strolling on different routes. In Västra Arådalen, you will not only find the oldest youth hostel of Sweden, but also the starting point for a trip to the Hundshögen - the highest mountain in the Oviksfjäll (see also Mountain hikes). You can take a rest in the midst of nature on the mountain pasture of the same name in Östra Arådalen.

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