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Charming cottages in the midst of silent forest

Our well-equipped holiday cottages are built up newly and they are ideal to enjoy a restful and active holiday in Sweden.

Cottage Balder
Typical summerflower
Cosy sleeping room
Full moon wintertime

The design of these comfortable blockhouses was done by ourselfs. The cottages are constructed of massive timber beams of high-quality northern Swedish wood. Since we undertook the assembling personally, we are proud to assure you to know each and every beam of your holiday cottage.

The houses can be rented all-the-year and are equipped with everything you need to feel comfortable. The interior equipment was designed with importance attached to the harmony of materials and colours. Every piece of furniture was fabricated individually or chosen personally. Unique pieces dominate over bulk goods and guarantee your comfort.

When naming the blockhouses and the mountain hut, we were inspired by the nordic mythology. In each cottage, one of the nordic gods - Tor, Balder, Ull and Freja - moved in.

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