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Hiking in Jämtland's mountains

Hikes in the swedish fjäll
Hikes in the mountains
A particularly beautiful experience is hiking in the fjäll, the mountains. Jämtland's white peaks, endless widths and the inconceivable silence off the beaten track of mass tourism are simply breathtaking. In Sweden's spacious fjäll area, you can do delightful excursions of one or several hours as well as demanding multi-day tours.

Hiking paradise Oviksfjäll
Hiking in Sweden
Autumn hike towards the lake of Visjön

Hiking map - an overview
Selected hikes
Take the Galå Fjällgård as your point of departure and discover all the given possibilities to enjoy Jämtland's fjäll on your walks and hikes. We suggest you a selection of routes for your excursions. Detailed directions for the trips are available in an extensive briefing brochure in your accomodation.

Galåbodarna - Galåbodhöjden (Predikstolen)
Galåbodarna - Mountain lake Gråhögtjärnen
Arådalen - Hundshögen
Gamla Fittjebodarna - Ljåbodarna
Arådalen - Östra Arådalen
Glen - Lake Visjön

Hiking trail in Oviksfjäll
The Oviksfjäll is predestinated for hiking because of its proximity to the Galå Fjällgård. Move along the marked ways, far away from these routes or climb the 1.371 m high Hundshögen. You will be rewarded with a wide view over the inimitable landscape.

Hikes during Swedens colourful autumn
GPS-hiking in Jämtland
Coffee break on the peak

Rock ptarmigan in the swedish mountains
In the area around Tossåsen, you can find a geological characteristic. Here, the glaciers of the ice age have looked for their way directly through the mountains and left so-called u-shaped valleys.

Signpost towards Helags
The Helagsfjäll shelters the southernmost high mountains of Sweden with the Helags, the highest mountain of Jämtland with 1.797 height meters. Here you will find the southernmost glaciers of Sweden which you can explore during a trip from Ljungdalen.

Hikes above the tree line in Sweden
The tree line in the fjäll of Jämtland is at about 800 m. You can, on easy walks too, quickly reach treeless areas and enjoy the panoramic view on nature's widths.

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